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Choice one: Panerai PAM00351 mechanical man watch
Wrist watch case is made of titanium with 44 mm in diameter, and it is equipped with a classic watch crown protector device; the simple and clear brown dial not only shows the honor to the eternal law of the traditional tabulation industry, but also deduces the Panerai watches with elegant modern style; the Roman numeral scale features mellow and full and unique style; the date display at the position of three o’clock and the minute hand and time scale are coated with luminous coating can give out a green light, is contracted style, but with a thick modern breath. Thought it is contracted style, it has a thick modern breath.

Choice two: Panerai PAM00024 mechanical man watch
Stainless steel case will not fade its color with the passage of time. On the classic black dial there sets the timing scale and date display, and there is also equipped with calibration standard for measuring the diving time. In addition, the small dial in the nine o ‘clock position is correspond to each other with the date window display, which makes the watch looks beautiful and clean. The Panerai PAM00024 is carrying Cal.OP III automatic mechanical movement to ensure precise timing.

Choice three: Panerai PAM00525 mechanical man watch
This wrist watch is 44 mm in diameter with solid red gold; the 3 days power reserve arc indicator located at 4 o ‘clock position is also very practical, especially the second hand to zero device and fast calibration system will not affect the operation of wrist watch while handling with calibration; the most eye-catching is the second hand of blue color, the gold watch case, the time scale, minutes and hours pointers etc. which are every distinguishably luxury. watches replica