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We have introduced Patek Philippe 2499, 1415, 3974, and they separately represent the perpetual calendar and chronograph, the world timer, the minute repeater and perpetual calendar. Today, let’s have a review on the combination of minute repeater and tourbillon. So far, the well-known tourbillon is the one that was set on James Ward Packard, the guru of American auto industry. it contains a minute repeater and one-minute -tourbillon setting. Comparing to the perpetual calendar, the minute repeater and the chronograph, Patek Phillip is obvious does not stress on such complicated mechanism. Not until 1945 did the Andre Bornand developed the first movement. in 1958, Henri Stern came to the power and served as the president of Patek Philippe, Andre Bornand change the rectangular movement 34s into a movement with a tourbillon and developed the tourbillon watch 3834. It is said that it only has a limited number of 5.

As there are no good solutions to the power reserve system in the tourbillon, the tourbillon system on the watch becomes popular in 1980s. Patek Philippe started developing and in 2003 it released its first rectangular tourbillon 5101R which can last over 10 days.

We all know that in 1989, when Patek Phillip celebrated its 150 anniversary, launched the Caliber 89 and two repeater watch: 3979 and 3974. But Ref.3979 is a pure repeater watch. A Swiss Watches Website After three years, Patek Philippe released the 3939 movement that contains minute repeater and tourbillon. The 3939 which existed in 1992 is much popular than the pure repeater watch. The Ref.3939 has 39-mm size case and Breguet numbers and time indexes.

What we introduce today is the all watch that has tourbillon and combines with minute repeater, including 5539 which combines minute repeater and tourbillon, the 5207 and 5216 which combines minute repeater, tourbillon and perpetual calendar.

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